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happy birthday

Friday,  12/03/10  08:33 PM

Ole celebrates at Aperio user group meetingHappy birthday to me!  I am blogging while flying back from New York, where I celebrated my birthday by presenting at an Aperio user group meeting.  Not necessarily the greatest way to spend my birthday, but not horrible either; at least the delegation attempted to sing "Happy Birthday" to me (they didn't do a great job) and I was presented with chocolate cake (which was delicious).

The best part of the day was getting a zillion Happy Birthday messages from my friends; thanks!  I have the best friends, and what could be better than that?  The worst part is being away from my family; rotten scheduling.  Another good part was going to see a hockey game last night; that was fun.  Another bad part was missing Megan's opening night; she is starring in Oaks Christian School's production of Shakespeare's "As You Like It", and I'm told she was fantastic.  Cannot wait to see her tomorrow night, capping a day in which I plan to celebrate my birthday properly, by sleeping in, going for a long ride, hanging out with my family, and doing a lot of nothing!

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