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Saturday,  11/13/10  11:44 AM

blogger's block [+]Okay, okay, I know; I've been a bad blogger.  Not bad as in blogging crap - that would be *bad* - and not bad as in not-blogging-great-stuff - that would be not-so-bad - but bad as in not blogging at all. 

So why is this?  (I know, I'm falling into the naval-gazing pit which leads to blogging crap...)  Partly "priorities", and partly a realization that posting a bunch of links with pithy comments often falls into the not-blogging-great-stuff category of failure.  I am going to optimize for the blogging-great-stuff category of success :)

Let the beatings continue until the blogging improves.

9:39.  My post about a perfect 11 on 11-11 inspired some to email about 11:11, a time which apparently allows you to make a wish.  If you believe this, I suspect you will discover that 11:11 appears on clocks far more often than 1/720th of the time.  Way back in the dawn of time my girlfriend's sail number was 939*, and I found 9:39 appearing on clocks constantly.  It was remarkable, and even long after we broke up 9:39 got my attention, and even today I sometimes glance at the clock and think "wow, 9:39, again".  And so I just noticed that my Stags' Leap post this morning was made at... 9:39.  I wish for the moon Titan!

* Ancient history, virtually pre-historic.  Hi Terry.

Speaking of great blogging; check out what Steven Den Beste posted on election day 2008.  "I think Obama is going to turn out to be the worst president since Carter, and for the same reason: good intentions do not guarantee good results."  Was that a great call or what?

Blackbird landsailorCool: downwind faster than the wind, Blackbird sets record.  The physics of this are most interesting...

Healthy sex life makes men live longer.  Personally I intend to live as long as possible :)

Michael Rasmussen is clear to ride, will he be in the 2011 TDF?This is cool: ASO and UCI agree that Rasmussen is clear to ride in the Tour de France.  As you know, I am a huge fan of "the chicken", and I hope despite his 36-year age someone will pick him up for the next Tour.  He was awesome in 2005; don't forget, he blew Alberto Contador away on some of those climbs...

paper LED treeExcellent: mesmerizing paper LED exhibit illuminates Tokyo designer's week.  What will they think of next?

Eris: One weird little dwarf planet.  "Earlier this week, we learned that the dwarf planet Eris is probably smaller, in diameter, than Pluto, but is simultaneously 27% more massive. That's pretty nifty. But it's also pretty strange."  A planetary mystery, and in our own solar system!

steampunk town in NZFrom the "truth is stranger than Onion" files: Entire New Zealand town goes steampunk.  OMG how cool is that?  Check out the pictures, and then make your travel arrangements!

This actually works, I tried it: Export all your friends' private email addresses.  Do you have a bunch of Facebook friends, but don't know their email addresses?  Well now you do :)

I will comment that this doesn't surprise me, and doesn't scare me.  You have to figure anything you post on Facebook will become public knowledge, including your email address...

How Facebook could beat Google to win the 'Net.  If you say so.  Meanwhile Doc Searles celebrates the World Wide Library (courtesy of Google of course), and Saudi Arabia bans Facebook.  I was interested but not surprised when I found Facebook blocked in China.  All most interesting, let the games continue...

go outside!Okay, time to go outside!  A nice little three-hour tour of the local hills on my mountain bike seems indicated...

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