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Saturday,  09/04/10  11:17 AM

Getting caught up here after a long week away... woke up in Carlsbad this morning, drove home, returned my loaner Porsche (about which I will have more to say - yes, I have my little car back, yay!), and here I am back on deck, literally and figuratively, trying to get caught up.  It was a great week but also a sad week, and somewhat thought provoking, as some reality intruded into my weird little world.  Anyway it will be nice to have a long weekend, hang out with my family, and get in a little R&R.  And a little blogging...

Tech note: I discovered to my chagrin that Twitter is now forcing OAuth for their API, which means when I post to my blog it doesn't automatically Tweet, and hence doesn't automatically post to Facebook.  This scheme didn't work well anyway and I guess this is my chance to fix it, but coding an OAuth interface was not on my menu for this weekend.  I guess I'm going to have to post manually for a while... so be it.

the fat lady sings - summer is *over*...Last weekend I declared the end of summer, but some say it isn't over 'till the fat lady sings (that is, Sept 22).  I must admit, sitting outside on this beautiful morning, it *does* still feel like summer.  But school has started, football is being played, and it's Labor Day; in fact, after this weekend I can no longer wear my white jacket :)  so it is over, baby.  Sad though that may be...

Google Chrome - two years old!Can you believe?  Google Chrome is two years old.  It has not replaced Firefox as my primary browser, but I often use it to check FB and for other JS -intensive tasks.

Apple had a great week, but Ping seems to be a dud so far.  It suffers badly from the "now what" problem; I signed up, and there was nothing to do, and I will probably ignore it from this point forward.  Integration with Facebook would have solved this problem, and apparently at one point Facebook Connect was part of Pink, but at the last moment Apple took it out.  So be it.

How to succeed like Apple: ignore your customers.  Really?


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