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sailing Sunday

Sunday,  07/25/10  07:35 PM

A great Sunday; we watched the final stage of le Tour, and then I went sailing with Meg on Westlake.  Somewhere in there we had a marvelous late lunch, sitting lakeside and enjoying the day of the world.  I have quoted Wind in the Willows many times: "there is nothing half so much worth doing as messing about in boats", and so it was today.

Is anybody out there?  The Times of India reports 140 'earths' found... out of 700 new planets.  All by NASA's Kepler space probe.  I wonder how many of those 140 'earths' have intelligent life, and have launched space probes?

Team Radio Shack swap their special "28" jerseys before the start of today's Tour de France stageI found this rather amusing; for the past two weeks (since the end of the World Cup) the biggest sporting event going has been the Tour de France, but CNN only ran an article about it today, because of the Team Radio Shack special jersey story.  I guess cycling really hasn't made it as a mainstream sport in the U.S. yet :)

I *must* get one of those jerseys; instant classic!

Mini Cooper!Alexis and I have been exploring Mini Coopers!  How fun is that... they seem to be Alex' hearts' desire, and I must admit, they are really cute.  Not to mention they're safe - well built, with lots of good features - and economical.  Pretty fun to drive, too; with that little engine, they zip around like a go cart.  Quite a practical little car for a teen.  Anyway who knows but the exploration has been fun... 

(In answer to your next question: Charcoal with black trim :)

And so ends another great weekend.  Onward!

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