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Saturday,  07/24/10  06:20 PM

self-portrait while mountain biking up to Simi PeakA quick post before heading out for a great dinner (!); spent a nice day watching Le Tour (congrats Alberto, although I was rooting for Andy, and yay Menchov!), working, and did a fantastic mountain bike ride up to Simi Peak.  I forgot how much I enjoy mountain biking - and how technical it is - must do more often... (maybe tomorrow after sailing :)...

A key part of enjoying a mountain bike ride is of course the choice of music; Van Halen is great for gnarly climbs, for example, and UB40 for gliding singletrack descents.  I do not recommend anything too mellow as you must keep your speed and concentration *up* for safety.

Escher 360 panoramaWow is this awesome: a 3D/360 panoramic photo tribute to M.C. Escher...  no idea how it was done, but it's amazing.  Some people have too much time on their hands :)

So, it's been a week since my Like-ing Facebook experiment; last Saturday I added "Like" buttons to all the posts on my blog.  So far I'd say nobody has been hurt, but it hasn't exactly taken off either; I think like four posts have been "liked", by like eight people.  So be it.  In the name of science, the experiment will continue :)

the cyptogram cell-counting challengeI've posted about this before; the Scintellix cryptogram challenge.  Bertalan Mesko notes We have a new clue.  This looks like an interesting puzzle, not even sure of the form of the answer.  Maybe it is 42?

Cheers, I'm off to eat and drink, see y'all tomorrow!

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