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Like-ing Facebook

Sunday,  07/18/10  10:15 AM

I'm not a big fan of "Web 2.0" websites and social media; mostly there is a lot of hype, and the signal to noise is *really* low.  (I challenge anyone to show me a Twitter feed that's worth following.)  I make an exception for Facebook however; I like it a lot, and find myself using it more and more often.  I don't have a lot of friends - right now, around 80 - but they're actual friends; people I care about, and for many of them this is the only and best way I know what they're up to.  Quite a few people now use their Facebook as a sort of blog; they send messages, report status, post pictures, and so on, and it's fun to follow them this way.

A little while ago Facebook added a feature that allows any website to implement a "Like" feature.  This is cool if you have a blog; you stick a little HTML in your pages, and poof! your readers can "Like" stuff you've posted, and their friends on Facebook will see that.  So this morning I decided to add "Like" buttons to all my posts.  We'll see whether this makes sense - I'll be able to tell from my referer logs when people have "liked" a post and their friends have clicked through.  It might be kind of fun to see who-all is out there on Facebook that even reads my blog.  (It could be you!)

So, the grand social experiment is under way.  If you think this is cool, please "Like" this post :)