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Sunday,  07/18/10  11:08 PM

So ends a nice weekend; it was so great to have nothing specific planned - the weekend had infinite potential - but now that it's over I wish I'd done more with it.  Today I watched the Tour (great stage!) and worked, and spent some quality time reading poolside and drinking Pastis :) but now it's Sunday night and on into another week.  A complicated week.  So be it!

Have you noticed how the size at which you view pictures totally changes them?  I was looking through some pictures of friends today and it is weird how different they are at different sizes.  Some look great postage stamp sized (like in a Facebook profile), and others become amazing when you enlarge them.  Weird. 

Slight seepage from the BP well, now capped, has been detected.  Let's hope it stays slight.  I guess the plan is to drill a new well which will relieve the pressure.  fXf! 

According to NOAA this past June was the hottest in recorded history.  Whew.  And based on this weekend, this July is going to be a contender, too. 

Meanwhile, Mt. Everest is losing ice.  The pictures at right show a glacier in 1921 compared to the same one in 2010.

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