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Heartbreak Double

Sunday,  05/30/10  05:06 PM

Yesterday I completed the Heartbreak Double, a maniacal ride from Palmdale to Gorman and on into the Los Padres National Forest; 204 miles, 15,500' of climbing, 13:35 riding time, and 14:55 elapsed.  In addition to being tough - there is no such thing as a flat section anywhere, and there is wind, and cold, and heat - this ride is beautiful; in particular the views of the Central Valley from Mil Potrero Highway are amazing.

You just might remember I rode this event last year too, and managed to get lost in the dark (!); I succeeded in turning a long ride into a much longer ride, and almost didn't finish.  This year I found the key was to ride faster so I finished before nightfall.

Yes of course I took some pictures :) you can find a gallery here:

2010 Heartbreak Double

And I have posted a selected few below...

the route: 204 miles, 15,500' - the crosshair is on Heartbreak Hill

full moon in the early morning leaving Palmdale

the amazing beauty of Los Padres National Forest

incredible views into the Central Valley from Mt. Pinos

descending route 54 for miles and miles

halfway: 104 miles down and still smiling

entering Lockwood Canyon; a road sign or a metaphor?  (or *both* :)

climbing Heartbreak Hill - 3 miles and gets steadily steeper, topping out over 10%

looking back down the Heartbreak climb

late afternoon self-portrait, blasting home

Next weekend: theOjai Valley Double Metric (a double metric is 200km = 130miles instead of 200miles).  Interestingly it heads up route 33 from Meiner's Oaks and almost connects up with part of the Heartbreak.  Stay tuned!

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