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Heartbreak Double

Sunday,  05/24/09  12:43 PM

Yesterday I successfully completed the Heartbreak Double Century, 202 miles and 15,500' of climbing.  Whew.  And actually I got lost at the end, blundering about in the dark, so I actually rode over 210 miles.  It was a really hard ride, but beautiful and really fun (now that it's over :) 

The middle hundred miles are the Heartbreak Hundred, the third-leg of Plant Ultra's King of the Mountains competition, and I had previously ridden the Mulholland Challenge and the Breathless Agony, so I completed the KOM successfully.  Can't wait to see where I ended up, I was in 21st overall after the first two...

I took a bunch of pictures yesterday, they are posted here for your viewing pleasure...


Here's the route:

And here's a happy rider at the finish:

Next up, the comparatively mild Ojai Valley Century next weekend...