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Sunday,  02/21/10  08:33 PM

Still in recovery mode from yesterday's double century, hobbling around but feeling great.  (And eating everything in sight :)  That's how it goes with ultra cycling.  I do have another busy week ahead - with a bunch of travel - but let's make a filter pass first, shall we?

Tesla's Elon MuskTesla's Elon Musk wins the 2010 Automotive Executive of the Year Innovator's Award.  Congratulations!  Richly deserved; Tesla are clearly going where everyone else wants to go but nobody else has...  true electric cars.

Is Yahoo doomed to the be the next Alta Vista?  Short answer: yes.

Little known fact about Elon Musk: he sold his first company Zip2 to Alta Vista in 1999, back when Compaq owned them.  Compaq?

Saba airportHere we have the world's 18 strangest airports.  Islands, short runways, long ones, runways with hills in the middle, and roads crossing; they're all here.  Very cool.  The runway at Saba airport, shown at right, is barely longer than a carrier deck.  Whoa.

Slashdot considers cheaper pico-projectors as standard equipment on cell phones.  You know this is only a matter of time, right?

Slate: Why there are so few great, inexpensive wines from California.  The simple explanation is that markets work.  If an inexpensive wine is great it is soon becomes not-inexpensive.  Especially in California.

leaping polar bear (click to enbiggen)Wildlife picture of the day: a leaping polar bear.  Beautiful!  (click to enbiggen...)

"miss me yet?" billboardHa, you could see this coming: "Miss Me Yet?" Bush Merchandise a Hit Online.  Truly a sign of the times :)

Dave Winer: what we don't understand.  Truly computer UI complexity it too high.  One reason iPhones have been so successful is that they're so simple.  It may bode well for the iPad, we'll see...

AppleInsider: Inside Apple's iPad: Adobe Flash.  "The iPhone's lack of support for Flash does not appear to have had any impact on its popularity, but clearly has played a significant role in devaluing the importance of Flash in mobile devices, even if other platforms are enthusiastically embracing Flash."  It seems pretty clear that iDevices will never support Flash, so Adobe's Flash to iDevice cross-converter is the best solution.  It also seems clear that over time Flash will be less important as a result.

Slashdot: Why Flash is fundamentally flawed on touchscreen devices.  The argument is that mouseovers aren't supported, but that's pretty weak; there are plenty of ways to build a great Flash UI without mouseovers...

Jaguar XF SuperchargedAutoblog reviews the Jaguar XF Supercharged.  "There have been very few cars like the 2010 Jaguar XF Supercharged, and that's a shame. Yet it's difficult to explain why this car is so special..."  This really seems to be the first Jaguar in some time which *is* special, recapturing some momentum for the brand.

Ice dancer Tanith BelbinIce dancers Ben Agosto and Taneth BelbinAnd the Olympics featured Ice Dancing tonight!  Yay!  Truly one of my favorite "sports", especially when Tanith Belbin is involved.  Slate has a round up of ice dancers and their costumes :)  Some of them are rather unusual...

ZooBorn: baby Meerkat (named Picasso)And our ZooBorn of the weekend would be: a baby Meerkat named Picasso.

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