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Saturday,  08/01/09  10:46 AM

Wow, August!  I am, as promised, sitting in my Adirondack chair with my morning coffee, enjoying the view and anticipating a nice brunch with all my girls at Boccaccio's on the lake.  And I am, as promised, blogging...

So it turns out, a quick review of my Archive stats reveals I posted 66 times in July, the most in any month ever.  All those TDF posts broke the record... I will slow down now, I promise :)

We'll see if I manage to get on the bike today.  I have not felt as much like riding lately, not sure why.  Perhaps I'm just slowing down after a whole bunch of long rides close together - that would make sense - or maybe just maybe I'm [subconsciously] saving my strength for the 508 in October.  (Or maybe I'm just getting old!)

NYTimes: music sales by sourceAwesome infographic from the NYTimes: Music Sales over time, by source.  The biggest sales were the $16B in 1999 for CDs, it has been all downhill from there; CDs are still the biggest source of revenue, but they're declining rapidly, and online sales are growing, currently at $1B.

Charles Blow: Swan Song.  "The music industry’s deathwatch kicked off about a decade ago, but it seems the vigil could soon be over."

The biggest source of the overall decline is the shift from albums to singles.  When people are buying one song at a time instead of one song + seven bad ones, a lot less music is getting bought.

Listening: BTO, You ain't seen nothing yet.  iTunes humor :)

Trizilla sails!video of the day: Trizilla goes for a little sail.  Wow.  I just can't stop looking at that thing, it is so awesome.  Still want to ride on it someday :)

You guys know, I love Susan Blackmore (The Meme Machine); so now she says we're in the midst of a third replicator (after genes, and memes)... something to do with "digital information".  Huh.  Definitely unclear that this is different in any qualitative way from memes...

Ten words we would all like to see banned from press releases: Leading, Best, Innovative, Revolutionary, Award-winning, Disruptive, Bleeding Edge, Next-generation, Strategic, Synergy.  A good list.  Of these, the most frequently misused is Disruptive, I agree; see what you've done now, Clayton Christensen?

Not good: Silicon Valley unemployment skyrockets.  "Unemployment in the Valley is now higher than it was after the dotcom bust. The job market is so bad that some folks are giving up, quitting the tech industry, and going into healthcare."  Oh no, Mr. Bill!

ZooBorns: little CheetahsZooBorns of the day: little Cheetahs!

Still don't know if I'm going to end up riding, sigh, it is a perfect day for it... stay tuned.  And I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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