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being me

Wednesday,  07/08/09  11:39 PM

Allow me to digress for a little personal philosophy.  Some of you know me outside my blog, but in case you don't, I'm not usually passive :) 

When confronted with an issue, my usual approach is to diagnose the problem, devise a solution, and push for implementing it immediately.  As concerns are raised, I either address them or modify my solution to accommodate them, but try to keep things moving forward.  This approach can be felt by others to be, er, "aggressive", and they may end up feeling resentful or like they were not fully consulted.

So I've had a "situation" and I decided to propose a solution but softpedal from there, allowing others to amplify it and help address the concerns.  I hoped this would lead to a good solution with everyone feeling consulted and bought in, and all concerns addressed.  I also thought letting time pass would air out concerns and help people feel more comfortable with the solution.

The result was not good.  Although there was support for my proposed solution, others did not amplify it nor help address the concerns.  I raised some concerns myself, both because they were legitimate and in the spirit of trying to objectively evaluate the solution, and this came across as a lack of commitment to the solution on my part.  The time which passed was interpreted as a lack of resolve.  I ended up looking bad and feeling worse.

So much for that.  Not so much 'no more Mr. nice guy', as 'no more Mr. someone else'.  I have decided to be myself.  Back to direct mode.  Maybe it won't work, but at least it will feel right.  Stay tuned - fXf!