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Thursday,  06/11/09  08:41 PM

I've been thinking about my little dogs all day; I have two Shih-Tzus, Bijou and Maxie.  A close friend just lost her dog; he was old and ill, and it wasn't a total surprise, but of course it still it hurts like hell to lose a pet who's part of your family.  I told Bij and Max about it, and somehow they understood; they've spent the whole day in my office, quietly hanging out.  Interesting how they pick up our moods, isn't it...

Oh goody: Citi sets plan to convert $58B in stock.  Aka, the federal government now owns the U.S.' largest bank.  This is not good.  I don't know how we're going to put the cat back in the bag, either...

Yay; the Lakers won a nail-biter tonight, winning game four over the Magic to take a 3-1 lead (and I think, wrap up the series).  I watched this game, and I must tell you it was the worst-played basketball playoff game of all time.  Neither team wanted to win, but in the end the Lakers wanted to lose less than the Magic.  Brick city.

A catIn the [rather large] category of cool boats I've never sailed but want to: the A cat.  A list header by the Moth :)

Dave Winer on the impending Facebook personal name lottery: the Facebook Saturday night massacre.  It won't be that bad, Dave :)

Jason Kottke updates us on the search for alien life: more extrasolar planetary news.  "What scientists would look for are planets with unstable atmospheres, which James Lovelock said was an indication of life."  The weird thing of course is that all we have to go on is Earth-based life, so we're looking for ourselves.  There could be really alien life out there, which we would miss because we're not looking for it.  Which gets to the heart of the matter, what is life?

Menchov's bike change in the GiroYou might have read about Denis Menchov winning the Giro d'Italia (in fact, you might have read about it here), but you might not realize that he owes his victory to the Rabobank team mechanic.  Wrenches are always important in cycling, but this particular one is now a star :)

News I can use: 13 Palm Pre tips and hacks you didn't know about.  My Pre-report so far by the way is that I love it, it isn't perfect, and the battery life sucks.  In fact the battery life is so bad that I suspect I have a defective phone.  In all other ways it is great, and the best thing about it is the form factor.  The screen size / usability to physical size / shape ratio is better than anything.

Palm Pre fontsJohn Gruber links typephile on the Pre, singling out one of the nice touches on this device: the fonts are beautiful.  Honestly reading and composing email is a pleasure, the fonts are so beautiful and rendered so nicely on the screen.  The "look" of WebOS is amazing.

And in other important Pre news, it has now been hacked to run Doom.  Whew.  Couldn't wait for that to happen :)

ZooBorn: baby BelugaZooBorn of the day: a baby Beluga!  This is special for me as I read a book called "baby Beluga" to all my kids, I can't find it anymore and don't really remember it, but just saying the phrase "baby Beluga" brings back all kinds of memories.  And let's face it, white whales are cool.  Especially little ones :)

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