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Monday,  04/27/09  11:50 PM

Weird restless mood - got in some serious think time during the NAF concert, which has left me, um, thinking...  not totally happy with several things in my life right now, not totally sure what to do about any of them...  well there's always blogging.

In the New Yorker: Money Talks.  Essentially how President Obama is using the economic "crisis" to achieve many of his social goals, including redistribution of wealth.  The article thinks this is a good thing, I do not... 

ClimateBiz says It's Time for Nuclear Power.  "If climate change is the greatest threat facing mankind, what are the odds of the big environmental groups rethinking their longstanding opposition to nuclear power?"  The odds are long, but this is the solution...  More as an alternative energy source than as a way to reduce emissions, but that's important too of course... 

Razib considers The Green Beard of Sex.  He doesn't quite explain why sex exists - and that's the problem he sets for himself at the start - but it is a fascinating discussion.  Clearly sex is selected, but why? 

Way cool: Honda: Let it shine...  the content is cool, but so is the way they've blurred the line between the Flash player and the HTML page.  Honda seem to innovate in marketing as in cars. 

So Pontaic is dead, along with Hummer, Saab, and Saturn.  So be it.  Too many brands, not enough brand differentiation; this totally makes sense.  Also too many dealers, and many of them will be dead too.  IIWII. 

You do have to say, it is sad about Saab.  At one time they were a good little compay, with good solid products.  Then they were bought, amalgamated, widened, and absorbed.  Reminds me of F.A.O.Schwartz and Zainy Brainy.  It is hard to find many cases when a small company was bought by a big company where the users benefitted...

Portfolio Magazine gets liquidated, there goes $100MPortfolio Magazine?  Never heard of it.  Their $100M marketing spend must not have been well spent :)  They should have done a profile on Honda's marketing, I guess, and taken notes. 

Did you read Michael Lewis' The Blind Side?  In which a poor giant kid, Michael Oher, is given a new life because he's giant.. and can therefore play football... and can therefore be a soft of entertainer for the rest of us.  Turns out he was drafted 23rd in this year's draft.  And will therefore make more money in a year, as a kid, than I have in fifty.  I should have been born bigger :) 

Inside Sprint Now answers Some Palm Pre Questions.  "Despite the fact that all of us that know the actual release date of the device are bound by a NDA and our job titles, we all know that it’s going to be soon… so I figured it might be nice to answer a few FAQ before it arrives."  Thank you, this is great info.  I so want a Pre...