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NAF concert

Monday,  04/27/09  11:18 PM

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the annual NAF Concert in Santa Monica with my Mom.  Each year several young Dutch musicians are invited to tour the U.S. and play these concerts... the three who performed this year, Lilian Farahani, Soprano, Arthur Rusanovsky, Violin, and Sophiko Simsive, Piano, were each amazing.  Lilian in particular; the emotion which flowed from this little girl into her powerful voice and on to the audience was incredible.

Sorry for the crummy Palm smartphone quality, but here's a short passage by Lilian to give you a flavor:

I'm not a major classical music fan but it sure can be enjoyable, especially at this level.  I find listening to a concert like this to be really conducive to thinking, sort of like meditation.  At first you're enthralled by the performance and paying close attention to the musicians and the music, but after a while you sort of drift off and the music carries you away.  I can't say what I thought about exactly, but I was concious afterward of a whole raft of new ideas.  Very cool.

PS the process here (for me later, as well as for you now): sync phone to computer, open with Quicktime, save as AVI, upload to YouTube, set thumbnail, build HTML.  Pretty clean.

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