Critical Section

Friday,  04/24/09  04:59 PM

(Blogging after dinner #1 and before dinner #2.  Final approach for the Wildflower :)

Don't know why but I feel listless.  (What does that even mean, literally "without lists"?)  I've been eating and drinking and had some good meetings and got some things done, and overall nothing bad happened, but, well, blah.  So be it, sometimes that happens.

My excellent experiment with Tweetdeck is over.  I like the app, I don't mind the CPU and memory it hogs, but following twitter all day just isn't my thing.  I can just feel the brain cells oozing out of my head :)

If you know what I mean, or even if you don't, you'll enjoy this: explaining twitterspeak to others.

Where does our power come from? Hopefully, nuclear reactors...Inhabitat kicks off their Energy 101 series by asking where does our power come from?  ("First thing I remember, was asking poppa where...")

MySpace has a new CEO, Owen van Natta, a former Facebook exec.  This sounds promising: "One person close to the situation described the firing of DeWolfe and the hiring of Van Natta as resembling “retarded drunk people riding bumper cars.”"  Great theater, even if it doesn't result in better products.  Personally I think Facebook is taking a random walk down product lane; I find it noticeably less interesting now than six months ago.  Perhaps MySpace will fill the void, we'll see...

Good news!  Ford loses $1.4B.  This quarter.  No really, that is lower than expected, and much better than GM and Chrysler...

Pork, Inc.: The Airport for Nobody.  Disgusting.

ZooBorns: baby Guinea HogsZooBorns of the day: baby Guinea Hogs (not to be confused with Guinea Pigs, mind you, nor with John Murtha...)

Okay, on with dinner #2, and then sleep, and then riding...

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