Critical Section

Hell of the North

Sunday,  04/12/09  10:28 PM

Paris-Roubaix: awesome camera work!
Versus camera work was incredible!
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Just finished watching the Paris-Roubaix bike race tonight, aka "the Hell of the North", a 250km marathon that includes 46 stretches of cobblestones, narrow winding roads, steel climbs, and thousands of maniacal cycling fans leaning across the riders' path...  amazing.  The Versus coverage was incredible, with awesome "you are there" camera work by the acrobatic cameramen perched on the backs of motorcycles.  And of course Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin did their usual entertaining job of calling the action.

Paris-Roubaix: Tom Boonen repeats!
Tom Boonen repeats!
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Congratulations to Tom Boonen, last years' champion who won the race decisively, consistently staying in the lead pack and out of trouble until the field was whittled away to a six-man break, and then pulling away with 15km to go to seal the victory.  Sentimental favorite George Hincapie was in the mix until about 30km to go when he flatted at the wrong time, had a longish tire change, and then couldn't get back into the peleton in time to participate in the decisive break.

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