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Thursday,  03/12/09  11:36 PM

My coding exile continued today; I had a meeting with a customer this morning but otherwise spent the whole day cloistered.  I'm making slow progress but it is quite a slog.  Anyway I'm poking my head out just for a moment, and huh, what do we have here?

Hey guess what, today I experienced endless success!  The third time was a charm, as today a new pair of spiffy tennis shoes arrived, they fit, and I like them.  Whew.  So this shopping-for-shoes-online thing can work!

the Antwerp diamond vaultHow to rob the world's most secure diamond vault.  A really great story, sort of a real life Italian Job :)

So Facebook has reworked my home page, and I don't think I like it.  I know, you have to get used to these things, but it seems like there is less information than before.  How lame is that?  I can understand merging the home page with the wall - I never got the difference anyway - and I can understand realtime updates (that's a good thing) but I can't understand not showing all my friends' updates.  Huh.

I know what you're thinking, you're thinking: huh, isn't that interesting that Ole even cares what Facebook did.  Yeah, I'm thinking that same thing.  Huh.

client/server hypertext: Tim Berners-Lee's diagram of "the Web"CNet notes twenty years ago Tim Berners-Lee authored information management: a proposal, thereby starting the Web.  Twenty years ago.  Just twenty.  I bet Tim would have been pretty amazed to have seen Facebook :)

I remember when Google bought Grand Central two years ago, and I didn't get it.  And so now Google has launched Google Voice, and it is either the Next Big Thing or I still don't get it.  I just haven't figured out which yet, but when I do, I'll tell you.  It offers you a single phone number which can be routed to home, office, or cellphone (big deal, I never answer my home phone and my office is permanently forwarded to my cell), and turns voicemail into email with a speech-to-text capability.  Doesn't seem overly compelling, but we'll see...

Jason Kottke thinks it sounds really spectacular.  Hmmm...

And finally: this is really cool: a 360o panorama of a coral reef, taken underwater:


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