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Saturday,  02/07/09  10:44 PM

A day of work; I had originally planned to ride the PCH Rando 300K today, but I don't have a bike :( and the weather is crappy :( and I have/had a lot to do :( so I am doing it.  Mood black as I contemplate my todo list and my weeks upcoming.  And I have nothing in the near future to look forward to...  (except maybe test riding an RT900 :)

Meanwhile, it's all happening...

mammoth discoveryWhat are the odds?  A mammoth discovery in downtown San Diego.  "The remains of the adult Columbian mammoth were found in the East Village, where the Thomas Jefferson School of Law is building its new $68 million campus. Paleontologists from the San Diego Natural History Museum estimate they are about 500,000 years old."

Was it really only a week ago that I rode Palomar?  Wow.  Long week.

In response to the Michael Phelps pot smoking incident, Dave Winer opines Don't boycott Kellogg.  "What a bunch of stinkers they are at Kellogg's. They could score so many points by saying something like this: 'We don't encourage pot smoking, but we understand that some people do it. We have so many bigger problems to tackle in this country, and Michael Phelps is such an incredible young man and hero, we decided to be heroic ourselves, and cut him some slack, and keep him on the corn flakes box.'"  Ah, but would it play in Peoria?  (Or Battle Creek?)

ApteraCool ad from Aptera.  As TTAC notes, "The Volt will have to compete with real cars in the real world, offering real advantages to real buyers."  There's a new kid in town...

the 1938 Bentley EmbiricosAlso from TTAC: Michael Furman presents the Second most beautiful car in the world (the 1938 Bentley Embiricos).  I love this observation: "There are plenty of gorgeous women in the world...  With most of them, the feeling you get when you first see them eventually wanes. Only the most beautiful get more beautiful over time."  Indeed.  I can think of a specific example :)

Wow: turns a profit.  Good for them.  I interviewed with them in 1999 (ten years ago), they have traveled a long road to get here.

Lifehacker: Ten Gmail Labs features you should enable.  I'm slowly starting to think perhaps Gmail is going to replace Outlook as my everyday email client.  Maybe not yet today, but certainly within say five years, and maybe within one year.  We'll see.  The rate of innovation and change is massively greater than Outlook for sure...

Mike Elgan: two attention-focusing apps kill distractions dead.  A great idea; in today's "continuous partial attention" world you need to focus sometimes and get stuff done.  That's what I need to do.  Later...

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