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I'm back!

Sunday,  11/16/08  08:57 AM

Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Visiting Brazil...
(that's Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro)

the big five-O
... and turning fifty!

Hi y'all...  well, I'm back.  Whew.  Back from a whirlwind trip to Brazil, culminating in a wonderful incredible party last night celebrating our 50th birthdays!

So here's what's going to happen, you get a peek behind the curtain.  When I blog, I use a WYSIWYG tool called Citydesk.  I create pages, and then sync them to my server.  When you access pages, there is a little additional logic that happens dynamically on the server which adds all the trim - the header up at the top, the navigation bar at the right, etc.  Sometimes when I'm traveling I create pages but can't sync them right away, so stuff appears kind of out of order.  And so it will be now, because I have a weeks' worth of stuff queued up!  Posts about the world, which didn't hit pause just because I was out, and posts about the blogosphere, which never stops, and posts about my experiences in Brazil.


Please stay tuned, and watch this space for updates :)

And so now we're up to date, whew, no more queued posts.

Friday was spent in Salvador, and that night I flew back, arriving yesterday morning (five hours to São Paulo, ten to Dallas, and three back to L.A.); fortunately I managed to sleep (!), and in between I picked up email, read blog posts, and delighted in my Kindle.  Upon arriving I managed to squeeze in a little ride - my first in a week! - and then it was on to preparing for the great 50th birthday party, as we celebrated our "Midway point" with approximately 50 of our best friends.

We now resume our regularly scheduled blogging...


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