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Wednesday,  11/12/08  06:19 PM

Today's filter pass on the blogosphere, again from Rio, and still without enough sleep...

Dave Winer wonders Is Obama truly world-wide?  As someone presently in Brazil, the fifth largest country, I can unequivocally answer Yes.  It is amazing to see how many Brazilians followed the U.S. elections, and how glad they are that Obama won.  And how much they expect from him and the U.S. as a result.

Ronald Bailey argues No New Energy Czar (we've been down this policy dead-end before).  [ via Glenn Reynolds, who asks "have we ever solved a problem by appointing a 'czar'?"  No. ]

high-speed trainInhabitat: Californians vote yes on 800 miles of high speed rail.  Yes we did.  "According to the High Speed Rail Authority, California is the 12th largest source of greenhouse gas emission on earth, 41% of which come from transportation. Traveling at 220 miles per hour, the trains will reduce greenhouse gases by up to 12.7 billion pounds annually, the equivalent of removing 1 million cars from the road each year."  So that's all very exciting, and I would ordinarily be very excited, but in these times we have to ask, can we pay for it?

Sprint Now dashboardSprint's Now dashboard...  OMG how cool.  Really you must click through and see this for yourself...  [ via Daring Fireball ]

Tim Oren has some questions for Jerry Yang's successor at Yahoo.  "If the Yahoo board is evenly vaguely doing their job on behalf of shareholders, they are searching for a successor.  So here's a gratis list of questions they ought to asking a CEO candidate, who should either have defensible answers walking in, or develop them as part of his or her diligence process, before agreeing to take the hot seat."  They're good questions...

unexpected buildingPhotos of unexpected buildings - which don't actually exist.  But they should...  Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin makes images of unexpected buildings; he "combines photographs of parts of buildings into new, fictional, architectonic structures."  I love it.

Eric Raymond has more on 'moogly', his Google G1 phone.  "My more considered verdict is this: HELL YEAH!  The iPhone should be feeling teeth in its ass right…about…now.  It’s not any one feature that makes me say this.  It’s that the gestalt, the entire experience, is so comfortable and pleasant. I enjoy using my phone."  Not to mention (and he doesn't), it has a real keyboard.  Some people say it has a crummy real keyboard, but still...

RAID explained!RAID explained!  Thanks to these guys for this excellent explanation
(For RAID 6, simply add one more bottle to the RAID 5 example :)

The Cleveland Clinic have unveiled their annual list of top 10 innovations in medicine; interestingly, #4 is multispectral imaging in pathology...

Brazilian leaf-house (outside Rio)Apropos my current location, the Breezy, Beautiful Brazilian leaf-house.  This house is outside Rio, can't be that far from where I am! 

Pretty different to the favelas (Brazilian slums) I passed today...  wow, what a study in contrasts.

Scott Adams (author of Dilbert) finds his voice.  "Here's an update on my voice, in case anyone is curious.  Thanks to surgery in July to correct my exotic voice problem (Spasmodic Dysphonia), I now have a virtually normal voice...  This is a life changing event for me...  However unpleasant you imagine it is to be unable to speak, I can assure you it was worse.  But thanks to one surgeon, Dr. Berke at UCLA, apparently my problem is solved."  How excellent.


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