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Saturday,  11/01/08  10:30 PM

Sometimes you have a day where the day itself matches the way you feel, and so it was today for me.  It was quiet and rainy, and I felt quiet and rainy.  It was a day for work, and reflection, and my friend Peter called at just the right moment to invite me for a cappuccino, which led to a nice two-hour conversation about the state of the world and ourselves.  I did work in a ride up Rockstore in the pouring rain; of course Murphy choose just that moment to dump, but it was great.

From the "but who's counting" department; I have now made over 400 posts this year.  Wow.  That is the most since 2003, my first year of blogging, and assuming I don't suddenly stop - admittedly not an entirely valid assumption, given history - I will exceed my total for that year, possibly even exceeding 500.  Cool.  So why do I do it?  Because of you, of course!  Thank you for reading...

In other naval-gazing news, I fixed the "Welcome back!  Posts since your last visit on __/__/__ are shaded..." logic on my home page, which I had broken on 10/18/08.  You're welcome :)

Red Nugent live - Sweden RocksThe other day in my BOO! post I reviewed October, including my discovery of Lala, which prompted me to start using it again, which is why I found myself listening to Ted Nugent at 11:00 on a Saturday morning.  How excellent was he?  The sheer energy and enthusiasm of his live stuff was incredible.  I can't think of another musician who transmitted so much vitality, perhaps putting David Lee Roth in second place.  Well okay Bono is in there, too.  I'll stop now :)

Hubble wide field picture!The Hubble Space Telescope is working again.  Whew.  I know you were worried about that, so now we can both relax.  Beautiful picture it took, too...

On the Next Big Future: Brian Wang reviews the Singularity Summit.  I wish I'd been there, but as I noted before, I will probably be able to go back someday and attend :)

Floyd Landis is back!  Yep, he's joined what's left of the old Healthnet team, now sponsored by OUCH medical center.  I had forgotten about his hip - not only has he not ridden professionally for over two years (since winning the 2006 Tour, then being disqualified for doping), but he has an artificial hip now.  Still, it will be great to see him back in action...

l'Hydroptere setting the sailing speed recordl'Hydroptere sets the sailing speed record!l'Hydroptère sets a new sailing speed record!  50 knots over open water...  amazing.  Check out this video, you will not believe it!  (Good sound track, too :)  This is a trimaran with hydrofoils under the outriggers...

Robert Scoble makes a great point: Never underestimate Microsoft's ability to turn a corner.  Their announcements of Azure, Windows 7, and Web Office at the recent PDC were certainly their most sensible and interesting in years.  Someone (Ray Ozzie?) must have figured it out.

FirefoxGoogle ChromeSo I find myself using Chrome more and more often, for more and more stuff, even while Firefox remains my default browser.  The tradeoff: Chrome is faster, while Firefox offers Adblock.  That's it.

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