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Wednesday,  07/23/08  11:15 PM

Still buzzed from watching today's Tour stage.  Whew.  I happened to accompany it with a nice Tempranillo; perfect for watching Sastre's attack :)  Onward, let's see what's happening...

MedPediaTechCrunch reports MedPedia is Wikifying the medical search space.  "MedPedia is a new project, currently in development, that will offer an online collaborative medical encyclopedia for use by the general public. In order to keep the content accurate and up-to-date, content editors and creators have to have an MD or a PhD. Several highly-esteemed medical colleges will be contributing content to MedPedia, including Harvard Medical School, Stanford School of Medicine, UC Berkeley School of Public Health, and University of Michigan Medical School. Medpedia is also receiving support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and many other government research groups. The content from these organizations will then be edited by MedPedia’s community of medical professionals."  Excellent, should be a great resource.

AEG, organizers of the Tour of California, have announced the 2009 route.  No Balcom Canyon next year (!), but there are 800 miles covered over nine days, with the final stage down in San Diego!  Should be cool...

Ottmar LiebertOttmar Liebert is playing the Canyon Club on Sept 13!  Yay.  I am so there.

remote controlled Wall-EDisney is offering a remote control Wall-E.  Of course they are!  I'm guessing Wall-E tied-in toys will be the hit of the Christmas season...

Rumor has it that Apple is preparing a "Macbook Touch"; a laptop without a keyboard, featuring a touch screen (aka a tablet :)  Could be, could be...  although I must say, for me lack of a keyboard would be a complete show stopper.  Apparently not for everyone though, just look at the iPhone's success...


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