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Sunday,  02/17/08  07:40 PM

I must tell you, I've spent the whole day feeling proud of myself for riding the 200 yesterday.  I hope it doesn't wear off.  More evidence for the "fun is anything that makes you feel good about yourself" theory.

Meanwhile, the Ole filter makes a pass... 

Fabian CancellaraCongratulations to Fabian Cancellara, winner of the Tour of California prologue.  Incredibly these athletes rode 2.5 miles at an average speed of 35mph.  I cannot go 35mph for six feet, trying as hard as I can, and I'm a decent rider.  Cycling is one of those sports where the pros are incomprehensibly better than good amateurs.

BTW in case you didn't know Versus are broadcasting each stage live.  Phil and Paul, here in California!

While reading about today's TOC prologue, I learned about Specialized's Innovate or Die contest.  The winning entry is a tricycle with a built in water tank, that filters the water as you ride.  Now that's cool.

Aston Martin start buttonHere's a question for the audience: What makes having a Start button in a car so cool?  I know they are cool, but why?  It isn't as if the technology here is so breathtaking; this is a simple button.  I have a friend with a Corvette, and he loves his start button.  Weird, huh?

Powerline notes the Iranian government's attempts to influence the Dutch government to suppress Geert Wilder's movie about Muslim violence.  "It is extraordinary for the government of one nation to instruct the government of another as to what movies it may permit to be shown within its own country. I can't, offhand, think of any precedent."  This could make the whole Danish cartoon controversy seem tame - which after dying down a bit, has recently resulted in seven days of rioting by "youths".  (BTW have you noticed how Reuters carefully avoids any mention that the "youths" in question are Muslims?)

Wired most-excellently notes: HD-DVD Death Made Official. Downloads To Kill Blu-Ray Next.  "This leaves Blu-Ray as the presumptive victor in the irrelevant optical disk format war. It now must face up to the real competition: the continuing success of DVD and the growing popularity of downloads, both on the internet and on-demand cable TV."  Indeed.

Last night I re-watched The Italian Job, downloaded in HD from the iTunes movie store.  It was easy, and looked and sounded great.  I had to wait about 10 minutes before I could watch it.  This happens to be a movie I already owned, so I could compare quality.  The iTunes version was way better.

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