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five year blogiversary

Monday,  12/31/07  10:58 AM

Tomorrow will be my five year blogiversary; it was on 1/1/03 that I made my first post.  After the first year I celebrated with a bunch of statistics; I'm jaded now, and things like visitors and hits and even referrals are no longer as interesting.  However adding a Five Years Ago link to the sidebar is pretty cool, and reading posts from early on is really cool.  Probably the most under-appreciated benefit of blogging is the joy of reading what you thought a long time ago!

Some things never change - I'm still planning to write the book (amid evidence that Unnatural Selection is happening faster than I feared)  - but some things do - it is quaint to read my defense of frames, for example (three years ago this was obviously wrong, now it is merely anachronistic, like, why not just use CSS?).  In the end it is what it was, and that's what makes it great.

One thought I have: maybe it is time for a redesign?  Nah.  The content is king, the form is secondary.  My early preoccupation with how to present and manage content resulted in a decent system I can live with today.  Probably the best innovation since is my better archive; a singe page which links every post and article.  I still think this is a great way to present a blog archive, but I haven't seen it adopted anywhere else...