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Thursday,  01/01/04  10:04 PM

Happy Blogiversary to me!  Wow, one year of blogging.

Some stats of possible interest:

463 posts on 291 days, with 592 images.
253,335 page views, 336,713 RSS feeds, and 164,087 robots visits.
2,963,834 hits, of which 1,714,767 were images.
31,190 referrals from sites, and 27,622 referrals from search engines.
101,132 unique visitors, of whom 36,788 visited at least three times.

That is so cool!  Thank you all for visiting and reading!  Some of these numbers might be a little low because I didn't quite get my act together on compiling statistics right away, and on two occasions I disabled logging for a while (once because I was slashdotted (!), and once because I screwed up).

I just watched the Rose Bowl.  An aerial shot of the Rose Bowl is a great way to visualize 100,000 people.  That's about the number of people who visited during 2003.  Now that is just amazing; I actually don't believe it :)

Whatever 2004 will bring, it will surely bring more blogging on my part!