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Monday,  12/31/07  10:44 AM

So I haven't posted since May, and I was rereading posts from that time - a month during which I posted, following a six month gap - and found my "Ole Status" from April 29.  It's a pretty good reentry, and most everything is *still* true; my family are all doing great, my company Aperio continues to grow, with things at the highest level going well and things at more detailed levels challenging, I am cycling a lot, and did reach 185 lbs (although I've had a [hopefully temporary] setback during December :).  Yet it has been a busy and eventful time, with much to report and discuss.  I'm not a big New Year's resolution person, but if I have one it is to blog a bit more.  Every journey begins with a step, and this is it.  Stay tuned!

[ Update: on 6/13/08 I retroactively added a post in September 2007: long day's journey into Lagos ]