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Sunday,  04/29/07  02:01 PM

So you meet someone you haven't seen in over a year, and you say "hey, how's it going", and they say "great, how's it going with you", and you say "great".  Right?  And if it is someone you are close to and/or you care about, you might exchange a few sentences about how things are really going.  About your family, about your work, about you personally.  It is tough to summarize a year in a few sentences.

Reginald!My family are all doing great.  I don't blog much about my family, so if you don't know me outside of blogging, you probably don't know them.  I have a fantastic wife and four amazing daughters, and they are all well.  Growing up too fast (!) but well.  I also have two dogs and a cat (well two Shih-Tsus and a cat, I don't know if you consider Shih-Tsus to be actual dogs), and they, too, are all doing well.  A boring report, but there it is.

I am the CTO of Aperio, a company which makes systems for Digital Pathology, and at the highest level things are going great there, too.  We are growing and steadily gaining traction.  Other than growing pains and increasing competition, we don't have any real problems.  Of course at a level below the highest level, there are a million challenges and issues every day.  I should blog about more of them, maybe I will.

Eichhorn takes the turn!On a personal level, I have been cycling a lot, and have [finally] lost some weight.  Longtime readers may remember my New Year's Resolution; at the end of 2004 I vowed to weigh less than 200 lbs by January 1, 2005, and less than 190 by January 1, 2006.  It didn't happen.  I stayed rock steady at 205 all through 2005 and all through 2006.  On January 1, 2007, I weighed 205 lbs.  I could have loaned myself out as a calibration device, I was so consistent.  So this year I've changed two things, first, I have been exercising a lot more as a byproduct of cycling, and second, I have been staying up less late.  The combination has helped me lose about 15 lbs, I am now about 190, and confidently expect to hit 185 within a month or so.  At that point none of my clothes will fit anymore and I will be content :)  In all other ways little has changed for me.  I may dribble out more if I keep posting.  Stay tuned.

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