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New Years' Resolution

Sunday,  10/31/04  10:29 PM

Last year in December I decided that in 2004 I was going to lose some weight.  I didn't.

If you met me you wouldn't know it, but I'm over 200 lbs.  I'm 5'10" and kind of stocky so I hide it pretty well, but really there's no way I should weigh 200+.  Over the past fifteen years my weight has been approximately year-1800; in 1989 I weighed 189, in 1995 I weighed 195, and by 2000 I weighed 200.  From there I ballooned to as much as 210, and it was not good.  So last December I resolved I was going to gradually get myself under 200, and then under 190.  If I could do that I might need some new clothes but I'd be content.

Not me - yet
the fat man

Well it didn't happen.  I get plenty of exercise, but unfortunately my wife is a terrific cook, we love to eat out, and I often stay up late working and munching as I do so.  So I've stayed pegged at around 205.  Clearly something has to change.

Therefore I've decided to make a New Year's Resolution.  I hereby resolve that by January 1, 2005 I will weigh less than 200 lbs.  From there I want to weigh less than 190 by January 1, 2006.  We'll see whether I can pull it off.

Since I've been stable at about 205 for two years, I'll have to change something to make this happen.  I've decided to change one thing.  I'm going to eat breakfast.  This might seem a bit weird but bear with me.  According to experts you're supposed to eat three square meals per day, and avoid munching in between.  I don't do this at all, I'm lucky if I eat two.  I hardly ever eat breakfast.  Sometimes I eat lunch, but often I just graze during the day.  Then I eat dinner, and I keep grazing.  Maybe if I eat breakfast I'll avoid grazing so much, and that will help.

I know - what a stupid blog post.  Who cares about my weight or my eating habits?  But I figure a bit of public pressure can't hurt.  From time to time I'm going to post my progress, and you can make fun of me.  We'll see what happens...

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