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As the laptop turns - episode 8

Wednesday,  05/11/05  09:00 PM

The saga of my laptop trouble continues...  (Links to 1, 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 4.5, 6, 7)  Here is episode 8...

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Wednesday, March 16, 200512:56 PM
Subject: episode 8 - as the laptop turns

You knew, knew, that saying “we have a happy ending” was reckless precelebration, right?  Right.

So yesterday I’m at Clarient, the first time I’ve had my laptop on the road since the repairs.  And sadly, I discovered a whole series of little problems.  First, the display “goes white” randomly.  This seems to be triggered by the presence of a customer attending a demo.  Second, the display has a slight flicker.  Again, this seems exacerbated by digital slide demoing.  Perhaps it can read minds, and was responding to the black thoughts I was thinking about it when it “went white”.  Also, the WiFi adapter in this model is built into the laptop’s cover.  Not a bad idea from an antennae exposure standpoint, but a bad idea from an “affected by display replacement” standpoint.  Yes, you guessed right, the WiFi adapter’s connectivity is intermittent, and yes, you guess right, this seems to be guided by Murphy’s law of demoing.  (Perhaps proximity to St. Patrick’s Day makes Murphy’s Law even more relevant than usual?)  Finally the power button on the laptop no longer works – apparently an attempt to defend itself from being turned off in disgust when the other problems mentioned above manifest themselves during a demo.

So last night I left a little voicemail for my buddy at HP laptop support.  I just spoke to him and they’re now planning to replace the laptop entirely.  So be it.  This takes a week so I’ll be living with my present unit a few days longer.  The replacement laptops are “reconditioned”, not new, and they may replace my model with another model with “equivalent” specs, so it is now way early to say “we have a happy ending”.  As always, stay tuned…


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