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Saturday,  11/20/04  10:54 PM

Interesting website: Release 1.0.  I followed Rafe Needleman there from AlwaysOn.  Interesting content, like this: What Money Buys.  "What driven entrepreneurs imagine doing after their own financial success is often not what they really need to do - which is launch another startup."  Very true.  P.S. Don't you hate it when a site has RSS feeds, but they don't test them?  Sigh.

how news travels on the InternetHow news travels on the Internet (click for fullsize image).  Interesting.  I am part of the "lesser blogosphere", and contribute significantly to the "dark matter" via emailed links.  What is most interesting about this diagram is the lack of mediation at the top - the memes flow where they want, they are not directed.  Successful memes are the ones which have sufficiently broad appeal to make it all the way to the bottom.  And note that the path to the bottom is mediated - by the promindantly left-learning mass media...  [ via Joi Ito ]

Henry Bekkering can jumpFile this movie under "serious hops".  Henry Bekkering, a high school basketball player in Alberta.  Yes, he is jumping over his teammate.  Wow.

LGF quotes the Washington Times:Message to media: The election is over.  You lost.  "Watching the nightly news, you might not have known that U.S. forces achieved a historic victory in Fallujah this week. You might not have known this because all the U.S. media, spearheaded by NBC News, seemed to care about was one Marine shooting an insurgent pretending to be dead."  Seems like good news just isn't news anymore.

Jack Kelly gets it right: Victory in Fallujah.  "The victory in Fallujah was also remarkable for its speed, [ret Army Lt. Col. Ralph] Peters said.  Speed was necessary, he said, 'because you are fighting not just the terrorists, but a hostile global media.'"  The more I read, the more respect I have for our marines.

surf's up!Check out this wave.  Yes, that is someone surfing on it.  Part of a series; the Billabong Global Big Wave awards.  Amazing.  Don't you just love really big waves?  [ via the horse's mouth ]

[ Later: Here's a bigger version... ]

the real death star, Eta CarinaeThe real death star, Eta Carinae.  "the seventh star of the southern Carina constellation and the most massive and luminous star known in our galaxy.  It's 100 times as massive as our sun and 5 million times brighter.  Its diameter is about the size of Jupiter's orbit and it is extremely unstable.  Currently it is in the process of rapidly exhausting its fuel supply and is on the brink of self-destruction. It could collapse into itself and form a black hole at any moment.  Eta Carinae is also interesting because it's probably the only star in the night sky that could conceivably kill you."  [ via American Digest, an interesting blog I've added to my blogroll. ]

New Year's Resolution update: 205.  Moving in the wrong direction.
More drastic measures may be required for progress. >:(

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