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Saturday,  06/12/04  01:35 PM

Yeah, so I'm back, sorry for the radio silence.  I have much to write about, and will try to catch up.  Actually I have so much to write about, it is daunting; I feel like I have to write about everything, which will take forever, and I don't have forever (in fact I don't have any time at all), so I don't write anything.  A vicious cycle.  Fortunately the need to congratulate Jordan broke the logjam, and I can start dribbling out updates - please stay tuned.

Earlier this year I faced a similar gap - that one was six weeks, this one was four - and I responded with a massive catch-up post.  Perhaps this time I'll try filtering more strongly - you don't really need me for the daily news, now do you - and catch up gradually.