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Saturday,  06/12/04  12:41 PM

Congratulations, Jordan!Congratulations, Jordan, you did it!

I just want to say how proud I am of my daughter Jordan, who graduated from High School last night.  Amazing to think she's almost 18 now, and off to College.  Seems like only yesterday she was a tiny kid running around at high speed, interesting in everything.  Well she's still tiny (sorry!), she still runs around at high speed (in a car), and is still interesting in everything (especially boys men).  But she's not a kid anymore.  We're really really proud of you, Jordan, and wish you the best in the next phase of your life.

The high school commencement at Agoura High School was really well done.  Two of the students spoke, and I must say I thought they were great, mixing just the right amount of gravitas, humor, nostalgia, and optimism.  One of the speakers noted that this was one of those moments which occur in every life, that forever divide before and after.  I'm trying to remember my high school graduation - now 30 years past - and I guess that's right; I don't exactly remember the details of the graduation itself, but graduating from high school was definitely an inflection point in my life, marking the moment when I left my parent's house and went out on my own.  You might even say it's the point at which teens have to stop pretending to be adults, and start actually being adults.  (Although thinking about my college days, it isn't clear we actually acted like adults :)

This time is an inflection point for my other kids, too; Alexis moves on to middle school next year (6th grade), leaving Megan alone in elementary school (2nd grade).  It's such a cliché but yes, they do grow up so fast.  And I couldn't be prouder of them, too; each with perfect report cards (please excuse a little parental chest beating) and each on their way to being fine young women like their older sisters.

I couldn't help wiping a tear from my eyes as I listened and watched.  The principal made note of the amazing events which took place in the world during these kids high school careers - Y2K, 9/11, two countries invaded, the economic boom, bust, and recovery.  It isn't hyperbolic to suggest this was one of those times in the world's life, which will forever divide before and after.

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