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yay, Spring

Monday,  03/20/23  07:15 PM

Yay, it's Spring!  And I for one am ready.  This has been a cold, wet, cloudy winter, and I'm ready for some dry hot sun.

SpaceX launches two space missions in one day.  And of course, landed both boosters for reuse.  So cool that this has become so routine. 

In other news, I flew on two airplanes today, and both landed.  Yay.

Seth Godin: Shields up.  "What I want is a junkblocker. A big button on my browser that says 'shields up.'"  Maybe AI will give this to us, but there will always be the problem of who decides what is junk? 

Shelly Palmer: run 'ChatGPT' on your computer.  "Here’s something you probably won’t do today: install a large language model (LLM) chat application on your PC. That’s okay, I did it for you – in about 10 minutes.

Microsoft-owned Nuance adds GPT-4 to its medical note-taking tool.  This is a perfect application for GPT, I predict this will be huge.  One to watch. 

Powerline: why wind and solar will never work.  "They produce electricity less than one-half of the time, a fact that will never change."  If you think batteries are the answer, they have some statistics which make you think otherwise. 

So, what's the answer?  Last Energy signs deals worth $19B for nuclear plants.  Nuclear energy is the only one we have.

Kottke: The puzzling gap between how old you are and how old you think you are.  The gap keeps getting bigger.  My "how old you think you are" hasn't changed that much for many many years... 

Russell Beattie: Quick thoughts on Mark Twain's travelogues.  "Seriously, if you haven’t read anything else by Twain except Tom Sawyer, you need to do yourself a favor and read his non-fiction. It's all truly fantastic. "