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Iditarod day nine (heading Nome!)

Tuesday,  03/14/23  10:54 AM

Welcome to day nine of the 2023 Iditarod; today we will have a winner, and unless something weird happens, it will be Ryan Redington, with 6 dogs left in his team!  (the others have been left at checkpoints for the "sprint" to the finish...)

Congrats to him, that move to keep going right through Elim paid off.  He's now through Safety and just a few hours from Nome:

note: predict times enabled, and sorted by predicted finish

I'm proud of the predict algorithm; it's had Ryan finishing in first at about 1:00PM today for several days.  Looks like Peter Kaiser will outsprint Riche Diehl for 2nd.  Matt Hall is solidly in 4th.  And Kelly Maixner has pulled ahead of Jessie Holmes for 5th.  Mille Porsild is in 8th right now, finishing her "8" in White Mountain, and the tracker predicts she will finish 7th, just ahead of Eddie Burke, who will be top rookie.  The tracker predicts Jessie Holmes will finish 9th despite being the 7th to leave White Mountain.  (Based on average speed and run/rest times.)  And rookie Hunter Keefe with round out the top ten.  This all will be fun to watch, early tomorrow morning...

Ryan Redington and team, in the Nome stretch

Heh ... from the Iditarod Outsider