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Iditarod day eight, too (everyone everywhere)

Monday,  03/13/23  05:08 PM

Hmmm....  looks like the 2023 Iditarod is over, and Ryan Redington will win.  He just pulled into White Mountain, the penultamite checkpoint where all teams are required to take an 8 hour rest.  As the view in the tracker below shows, he's now 38 miles ahead - a good 6-7 hours of mushing - and barring any weirdness should finish comfortably in front.

His decision this morning to keep going after reaching Elim has paid off.  Pete Kaiser decided to rest his team for six hours, and he's now fighting it out for second with Richie Diehl, who took a much shorter rest of two hours at Elim, and with Matt Hall, who didn't rest at all and caught both Pete and Richie.  Matt might have the momentum to pass both of them, or might have burned up his team; time will tell.  Anyway those three look to be 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

View of Flow Tracker with predict times enables, and sorted by those times
Note prediction is Matt Hall will finish 2nd, ahead of Riche and Pete

Further back there's been a lot of action, too; Jessie Holmes has now moved all the way up into 5th (!) with long runs and short rests, passing Matthew Failor, Eddie Burke, and Kelly Maixnor.  Just a bit further back are Mille Porsild and Hunter Keefe.

the finishing chute in Nome is locked and loaded
predicted finish for Ryan is 14:48 tomorrow!
(which will be a new record)