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Iditarod day eight (the turning point)

Monday,  03/13/23  10:30 AM

Hi all ... just checking in on the 2023 Iditarod ... and we may have just passed the critical moment of the race.  Here's the current view from the tracker:

As you can see, Ryan Redington and Peter Kaiser just reached Elim.  They both traveled through Koyuk last night, stopped for a bit, and then continued on, within a few miles of each other.  It's been quite a while since yesterday afternoon at Shaktoolik, where they each gave their teams a nice rest.  So what will happen now?  Ryan has taken off, after just a brief rest, and Peter has stayed.  So now there are two possibilities: Ryan will keep going to White Mountain, take his "8" there, and then take off to win going away, or Ryan will have to rest his team, Pete will come charging up, and will pass him with a full head of steam.  That seems less likely, but then maybe Pete sensed he wasn't going to win just racing Ryan head-to-head anyway.

The rest of the field is now resigned to being also-rans; Richie Diehl remains solidly in third - could come back into the picture depending! - Matt Hall has moved into 4th along with Kelly Maixner, and the second five are all resting in Koyuk: Matthew Failor, Eddie Burke, Hunter Keefe, and Jesse Homes, with Mille Porsild just pulling in.  Stay tuned!

Pete Kaiser and team

Richie Diehl and team

Hunter Keefe and team
like that style of having the lead dog on a long lead

Eddie Burke and team