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Thursday,  03/02/23  10:03 AM

One of the cool things that happened to me while I was out, not blogging, was a chance to compete in the 2022 J/70 Sailing World Championships, in Monaco.

It was an incredible experience which almost didn't happen; at the 11th nay 12th hour my crew and I were invited to participate - filling in for a better US team which couldn't go - and we overperformed, finishing 28th out of 92 and 3rd in the "one-pro" division.  (Most of the four-person teams have more than one pro; many are all-pro.)

The regatta was scheduled for five days, but the first four featured no sailing due to lack of wind, so we became tourists.  (Not too bad ... Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Menton, San Remo, ...)  Finally on the last day there was wind and so it became a one-day three-race series for all the marbles.

I was recently asked to give a talk about this experience for the South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey, and spent much of today going back through old pictures and assembling a presentation.  Great run.  I might post the whole thing here - stay tuned!

One of the great sub-plots was being able to use my friend Fede Madrid's J/70 named "Outlier"; he and it are based in Barcelona, a short drive across the South of France from Monaco.  It was a great boat and facilitated a great opportunity, and of course the name was perfect!

This great little summary movie of the regatta was made by the Yacht Club de Monaco ...