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Wednesday,  03/01/23  09:38 PM

Marching on ...

SpaceX Falcon rocket aces 100th consecutive rocket landing.  As the linked article on Teslarati notes, this makes it the most reliable rocket in history; it's landing reliability now rivals the launch reliability of the most reliable rockets ever flown.  Incredible progress. 

Philip Greenspun notes more ChatGPT political correctness bias.  Seriously, who thinks this is good?  Or even okay? 

But Dave Winer reports the positive side: it gave him better help using Facebook than Facebook itself - or Google... 

Hmm: Flipboard is leaning into Mastodon - and away from Twitter.  I can see where for third-parties like Flipboard, Mastodon would be better and free-er.  Bonus note: Flipboard still exists! 

Atlas shrugged in Houston.  "Nobody who was on welfare in Houston moved to The Woodlands, but lots of people who had been paying huge amounts of sales and property taxes moved. So the ratio between the takers and makers went up as The Woodlands grew…"  As usual, all efforts to combat inequality backfire.  The only thing that works is raising the tide for all boats. 

Brent Simmons would like to add "the ask" to my list of English badness (headed by "dropped").  Agreed and done! 

Powerline: America's public schools are a disaster.  "One wonders whether the best course would be to dynamite them and start over."  Sigh. 

One of many examples where liberal policies have not worked out, and there seems to be a willful ignorance of the result and the lesson.  Setting minimum wages would be another.

Via Jason Kottke: New Yorker: the 100 best lists of all time.  It's a great list, and my list of English badness did not make it.  #1 is ... the Periodic Table :)  But of course. 

This Rocks: Acoustic turntable plays rocks instead of records.  Using a second rock as the "needle" was a nice touch :) 

Daring Fireball: Tweetbot and Twitterific face the cliff.  In which the companies which used Twitter's free content to make a business have to face the music.  But we can all agree, Twitter could have handled it better...