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Sunday,  02/12/23  08:46 AM

An early morning Super post before the Super Bowl ... and so yes, I am rooting for the Chiefs!  Not because I'm a huge fan or even a fan at all, but one must choose, and many of my friends are Eagles people, and so it will be more fun this way :)

Of course, for many the Super commercials will be more interesting than the Super game.  You can warm up by viewing Gizmodo's take on the best Super Bowl commercials of all time.  A list headed, inevitably, by Apple's iconic 1984 commercial. 

It's interesting to think about, what made this so great?  The girl?  The setup - individual vs group?  Would this commercial be as popular today, or even - gasp - politically correct enough to run?  Or was it the product - Macintosh - which despite not being mentioned in the commercial at all, was widely known to be cool and new and amazing.

Well I am off to ride - need to finish the Tour de Zwift before the big game :)

Enjoy the game!