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Sunday,  02/05/23  10:54 AM

Writing about old tech and tech lifetimes made me want to revisit some of the oldest tech I have, my Mac SE "Hen3ry", from 1987.  I pulled the little guy out (heavy!) and managed to find a power cord (solid standard) and his mouse (so great, and after all these years not significantly improved-upon), and beep! and poof! he booted right up.  Delightful.


  • Wow, that fan noise!
  • A tiny screen, with low resolution, but eminently readable.
  • Okay I'm going to say it, so pretty.  I love the old look and feel of GUIs, with all the affordances.
  • Snappy.  No I am not kidding.  Click and poof it happens.  Don't know how we slowed everything down so much.
  • Worst part: he's useless without a way to connect to a network.  I had an Applebus modem, I think 4800 baud, long gone.  And then I had a SCSI-to-ethernet adapter thingie, don't know when / how I lost it.  Also gone.
  • Best part: I left him running for a bit, and After Dark popped up Flying Toasters!