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Friday,  01/27/23  10:16 PM

The Internet has evolved a perfect shorthand for something which is a bit too long or detailed: TL;DR.  It means, Too Long, Didn't Read.  But it also means sorry I'm not taking the time to dig into this.

Interestingly, this has also come to stand for a summary; here's the TL;DR, meaning, here's the essence, the takeaway.  I love and use it.

And so now we have a related shorthand that I love: V;DW.  It means Video, Didn't Watch.  But it really means, no, I don't want to watch a video, just tell me.  And maybe it can mean, no, I don't want to click through to YouTube or some other baggage-y, link-filled, ad-invested website just so I can watch a dumb video.  (Too bad about YouTube, eh?)

And by analogy, it can stand for a summary, here's the V;DW, meaning, here's the essence so you don't have to watch the video.  Whew!

The Internet is wonderful and I love all the great explanations for anything you can think of - and many many things you would never think of at all.  But how crummy is it when the "answers" returned by Google are links to a bunch of videos?  And half of them are someone speaking the answer, when it could simply have been written down.  Anyway.