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Monday,  01/23/23  11:30 PM

I thought HoloLens was one of the coolest things Microsoft had ever developed and that healthcare would be a prime market for it, but somehow that never happened.  And now it has been abandoned! - Microsoft's recent layoff of 10,000 people (!) included the entire teams behind Virtual, Mixed Reality, and HoloLens.  It's not clear if it was never going to work or just hadn't worked yet; unfortunately some of these things take time.

Also sunsetting social VR pioneer AltspaceVR.

Meanwhile, Microsoft are investing $10B [further] in OpenAI.  So, yeah.

Jean-Louis Gasse: the ChatGPT Maelstrom.  A good survey of the current known issues, including inaccuracy, cost, and availability. 

Seth Godin: Overconfidence and AI.  On the difference between search (e.g. Google) and AI-powered chat (e.g. ChatGPT). 

Bertie Mesko: ChatGPT has been listed as an author on research papers at least four times... while science journal editors are trying to regulate it. 

Nvidia's AI Tech Designs Proteins Never Seen in Nature, Pointing Way to New Therapies.  Excellent. 

Powerline: The Real January 6.  "This is what one expects from a fascist state, not a constitutional democracy.

Hmmm ... Even NPR admits the pandemic 'stimulus' failed.  "Among the failed stimulus programs is the Paycheck Protection Program. This was one of the biggest pieces of the stimulus, totaling $835 billion taxpayer dollars invested, and it was the brainchild of both Republicans and Democrats.

Apple's iconic '1984' Super Bowl ad aired on this day 39 years ago.  Wow.  I so remember this.  "A garden of pure ideology...

Another amazing anniversary: Mozilla.org's 25th birthday.  Many stories, many great links.  Who knew? 

Meanwhile: Radio signal detected from 9B light years away.  It's on the 21cm line of course ... one ping only! 

Huh, cool: Swytch Air expands your world for less than the cost of an e-bike.  It's a motorized hub, battery, pedal sensor, and control unit to retrofit your existing road bike.  An interesting concept... 

The latest Boston Dynamics robot tricks.  Wow.  Remember, this is not a movie.  Does it know about ChatGPT? :) 

But of course: This 32,000-mile Ocean Race has yachts doing research along the way.  "11th Hour Racing Team is one of five teams competing in the IMOCA class of this year's Ocean Race, a six-month dash across the world. The IMOCA-class yachts use foils and can reach more than 35 knots."  Bucket list!