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Sunday,  01/22/23  05:23 PM

Another lazy day, more CUDA blogging, and more football watching.  But also got a chance to go sailing with my granddaughter Orionna, always excellent.  (Thought it must be said, it was not warm.)

Speaking of not warm, a gratuitous pic of an Iditarod musher.  The "greatest race" starts on March 4, and is [hopefully] back to normal.  Can't wait.

BTW, grinchy comment, the Iditarod website is embarrassing.  It looks like someone's high school kid threw it together back in 1995.  C'mon.

Good news: Meryl Streep joins the cast of Only Murders in the Building for Season 3.  The real good news here is that there will be a Season 3, and it's imminent. 

Important info: all Marvel Movies ranked (and where to stream them).  I've never heard of many of them - and am not a Marvel comics person - but quite a few of these were excellent. 

I think I liked the ones which don't rely on pre-knowledge of the Marvel universe best, e.g. Black Panther.  YMMV.

Interesting, .NET now has a native compiler.  Only took 20 years.  When .NET was created the big rival was Java, and Java compiled to bytecode for a reason - the tagline was "write once, run anywhere".  Java never lived up to that, but .NET never had to, it only ever ran under Windows on Intel architecture machines.  I never could figure out any advantage to bytecoding. 

This is hilarious: Ukraine posts a video to reclassify American tanks as "recreational vehicles".  Love all the RV commercial tropes, the boy scout, the cowboy scenes, American nationalism.  Genius. 

BTW how remarkable that a government at war posts a Tweet lobbying another government to sell them arms.  The world has changed.

But some things have not: Henry Kissinger: Why I changed my mind about Ukraine.  "Before this war I was opposed to the membership of Ukraine in NATO because I feared it would start exactly the process we are seeing now, but the idea of a neutral Ukraine in these conditions is no longer meaningful."  He's 99 and still sees around the corner. 

Instapundit wonders, is that even allowed? - LA Times prints story that admits California storms not caused by climate change.  You mean we've had storms all along?  Who knew? 

Can we blame Al Gore?  "Speaking at the World Economic Forum's annual wankfest in Davos, Switzerland, the inventor of the internet and the scourge of massage therapists everywhere went on an unhinged rant that tells you all you need to know about the psychosis currently afflicting politicians all over the world.

Meanwhile: California lost 10M ballots in 2022.  Huh.  I'm a Californian and I vote by mail. 

The ARS Technica Rocket Report.  Includes SpaceX of course - that's a Falcon 9 launch at left ... - but many other companies are space-ing out too. 

I'm sure you've heard, Twitter are now enforcing their API rules to prohibit third-party clients which are competitors; Dave Winer reports it still works for other purposes.  I think the communication was awful but it was only a matter of time before this happened. 

Meanwhile: Mastodon has a lot of new clients; John Gruber shares the obstacle to more isn't Mastodon but Apple.  "Mastodon’s explosive growth in the face of Twitter’s collapse has made it a new UI playground, especially so on iOS."  

For me Mastodon is still a wanna-be.  When Ukraine starts posting propaganda videos there, then we'll consider them an alternative...

And some important news: the absolute best way to make sugar cookies.  A worthwhile investigation, and well reported.  I was not asked to help taste, but would be happy to volunteer next time.