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Saturday,  01/21/23  11:47 AM

A lazy Saturday - watching football, blogging (about GPUs!), and wishing the weather was warmer and I could go sailing.  Last year this time I was in Florida, sailing in the Southernmost Regatta; a great time, but already fading into a distant memory.

At right, a start in the subsequent Florida Midwinters, in St Petersburg; 70 boats!  And warm weather in January :)

Well this is interesting: The Big Lie about Bike Helmets.  "As I dug into the history of these humble foam-and-plastic shells, I learned that helmets have a far more complicated relationship to bike safety than many seem ready to admit."  I like you decide ... oh, wait, no if you ride in California the State has decided for you ... 

Well anyway I do not wear a helmet while Zwifting :)

Parenthetical grinchy note: this article has a pretty animated image in it, and I wanted to copy it over, and it was a Webp image, and WTF, and so I had to convert it to a GIF, and so I did.  Why do people keep inventing new image formats?  Of all the things!

Asking the important questions: Is it a good idea to micromanage your life with an app?  Um, no.  "the internet is full of project management tools promising to simplify your life. But who do they really work for?"  OTOH, it's easier to install an app than to get something done :) 

so true ...

Well you've been reading the news, like I have: Get Real about Wages.  Yes they are going up, and no they are not going up faster than prices.  Inflation is real.  And the economic news is not good. 

The annual JP Morgan Healthcare conference: The biggest, buzziest conference for health care investors convenes amid fears the bubble will burst.  And that's Salon's take...  I will say I think the bubble is mostly non-companies doing non-things like crypto, and not healthcare.

Peter Thiel goes to where the puck will be: Founder's fund wound down 8-year bitcoin bet before market crash.  Many people will make money from crypto, they were early into the pyramid and got out before the crash.  But many more will not... 

Meanwhile from Medical Futurist: Pharma companies will acquire a bunch of medical #AI startups in the coming months.  Yes, of course. 

Related: Top AI companies in healthcare to keep an eye on.  "Concerning healthcare, artificial intelligence will redesign it completely – and for the better."  Likely, true, even if it doesn't happen overnight. 

Parenthetical note re "to keep an eye on" ... how about "on which to keep an eye" ... grammar!  Maybe ChatGPT will help :)

John Battelle: Is ChatGPT A World Changing Technology? (And Will We All Become "Centaurs"?)  By Centaur he means, humans paired with AI.  Well we all carry a mobile phone now, how soon before it is paired to our brains? 

Wrapping up with important information: How to take a selfie with a Quokka.  How have I lived so long without knowing about Quokkas?  An adorable cross between a Koala and a Kangaroo!