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Happy Rabbit Year!

Monday,  01/16/23  11:09 PM

Happy Lunar Rabbit Year!

As helpfully explained in this article in the South China Morning Post, this holiday is celebrated in China, Indonesia, and many other countries; over 2B people celebrate the new year this way!  And so now we are in the Year of the Rabbit.

These old traditions are cool - I love thinking about what people were thinking about when they were created.  They didn't understand about the Sun and the Moon and the Planets and the Stars, but it was easy to think they ruled our lives.  Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. 

And I love thinking about the fact that we US people are so Western centric.  The face that billions of people - way more than us - are celebrating a new solar orbit differently doesn't enter our thinking.  (Well, most of the time it doesn't...)