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Santa Barbara update

Saturday,  01/14/23  10:25 AM

Yesterday I voyaged up to Santa Barbara to check on my boat, and the Yacht Club; you've maybe read about the storms last week, and the washing away of the beach, and the silting of the harbor mouth.  It's quite a thing; last time there was a storm like this was 1983.

So the good news: my little boat is fine - it lives in the harbor - just had to adjust it on its air bed, and take down the Christmas decorations (!) - and the club is fine too - turns out it's waterproof, and designed for this.  (If you're not familiar the club usually sits on a beach, about 50 yards from the surf, and now that beach is gone.)

The bad news is that sailboat racing has been suspended until they can dredge the harbor mouth.  The picture at left was taken last week; that's the end of the breakwater, and the harbor mouth is now so shallow that people are surfing over it!

The weather continues to be so crummy that sailing probably wouldn't have been much fun anyway.  In a few weeks maybe the harbor mouth will be open again, the sun will be out, and we'll be back to our normally scheduled Southern California winter.  Stay tuned!