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Wednesday,  01/11/23  06:10 PM

Today was cold but not wet.  Another good day for coding, Zwifting, and blogging.

Spent most of the day trying out variations on this diagram.  As usual there appears to be a trade-off between easy and fast.  So be it.

Molly White: In 2022, web3 went just great.  [via Miguel de Icaza]  Certainly a lot of well-publicized hacks and other disasters.  But the overall lack of value creation hasn't sunk in. 

Reading about the FTX implosion I'm stuck by the circular nature of so much of the crypto investment.  Bloomberg notes: crypto banks owe themselves money.

Meanwhile: Coinbase are laying off 1,000 people.  My first reaction: Coinbase has 1,000 people?  What do did they do all day?

Bill Gurley: On the Road to Recap.  He Tweeted "I wrote this five years too early".  I hope a lot of entrepreneurs read it back then, otherwise they'll wish they had... 

Boing Boing: In a challenge to Google, Microsoft is adding ChatGPT to Bing.  Lots of buzz about this, including strong rumors of a further Microsoft investment in OpenAI.  It's interesting to think about what this would look like.  Your chats get turned into a search predicate?  Or the engine does a search, and renders the results for you as chat? 

Miguel de Icaza: to my surprise, jwz's 'CADT model' applies even to large organizations.  Maybe he should have written especially

CNET: South Korean Moon Mission Delivers Devastatingly Gorgeous Earth Views.  Indeed.  What a great time for space! 

Lawrence Person: dear restaurants, shove your damn QR codes.  This wouldn't matter so much if the online menus were simply renders of the paper menus, but often they're inferior and incorrect subsets. 

This is way more interesting than you might think: A Civil Engineer Explains The Difference Between Spillway Gates, And What They Do.  Who doesn't like giant dams, and who hasn't wondered what happens when there's too much water?  I love his 3D printed models, too. 

Agree entirely; Wired: Andor is a master class in good writing.  As enjoyable as the original Star Wars and the Mandalorian, and for the same reasons ... fun characters, great stories.  I especially like the inside baseball on the Empire side.  The force is strong with this one. 

Bonus observation: the special effects are great too; how excellent is that water planet prison?

More, sooner, please: Nuclear power catching the eyes of Silicon Valley's tech billionaires.  I have always been mystified why this hasn't happened sooner.  EVs are all very exciting but still largely fossil fuel powered.  And solar and wind are weak and worthless alternatives. 

xkcd: Biology vs Robotics.  So great. 

Becker's: Amazon will be the biggest threat to health systems' core business.  Yep.  Amazon is the biggest threat to everyone's business, but healthcare will be one of its largest conquests.  The key here is the value add of consumerism. 

Oh but wait: Google introduces chatbot for healthcare providers.  Looks like it's Microsoft + OpenAi vs Google + DeepMind, and so what will Amazon do?  Stay tuned :) 

Well this is interesting: Wolfram|Alpha as the way to bring computational knowledge superpowers to ChatGPT.  This article has some pretty interesting examples where ChatGPT is wrong, and how Wolfram|Alpha can be a resource.  Kind of like a human holding a calculator. 

BTW have to say for the Nth time, Wolfram|Alpha is amazing and weirdly off the radar.