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Saturday,  01/07/23  11:58 AM

Rain!  Yep, lot's of rain.  Lot's of storms.  Lot's of weather.  Yikes...

Reading my flight of posts from years past, I guess yeah we do get winter in California and yeah it does often rain right after New Years'.  The pic at right is downtown LA, post storm.  Beautiful huh?  You often see those mountains and don't think of them, but you don't often see them covered with snow.

I was supposed to go sailing tomorrow - first race of the season, the Hot Rum - but Santa Barbara harbor is silted closed and the yacht club itself is surrounded by water.  It sits on stilts on the beach, and has done so for a long time, so I think the building will be okay, but the parking lot, beach, boatyard, etc. will need some recovery time.  Wow.