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Happy New Year!

Sunday,  01/01/23  10:41 AM

Happy New Year's!  Woo hoo, we made it out of 2022 and on into 2023!

It rained super hard last night, and just before midnight I captured this photo of the magnificent old oak tree in our backyard.  It suddenly struck me - this tree is not only older than the whole neighborhood surrounding it, not only older than me, but older than anyone alive, much much older, in fact older than the United States, older than California had been settled by Europeans.  Older than almost all of what we consider "history".  And yet there is stands, in the rain, hanging out, waiting patiently for the next trip around the sun, and the next, and the next.  Supercool.

So ... what did you do last night?  We had a nice dinner - earlyish - then came home and hung out 'till midnight, not too exciting, but nice.  It was great that New Year's Eve in Times Square featured a band I actually knew and liked (Duran Duran).

Today there was a lot of football to watch - I used to be a bigger fan, now I'm mostly just a College Bowls and Pro Playoffs watcher - tomorrow no bowls (yeah, it's Sunday, and while this tradition of moving the New Year's Day bowls to Monday when New Year's falls on a Sunday began for religious reasons, now its so that college and pro games don't overlap - and then Monday, the Rose Parade and the New Years' stuff.  Lots of watching and eating coming up.

Also great - Shirley made Oliebollen, a kind of Dutch donut traditionally made on New Year's Eve - yes they are as good as they look, and no calories of course.

And so we move on into 2023 ... what will it bring?  Stay tuned!